The Earthly home of the Kerberos Club is its house on the Square of Saint James, just off Pall Mall, a terribly fashionable district of London’s fancy West End. The Club is a constant reminder to all those other proper gentlemen, visiting their proper clubs for some proper cards and a proper drink with some proper company, that the world, despite the fervent wishes of the middle classes, simply isn’t a proper place. All sorts of people come and go from the Kerberos Club at all hours of the day or night. Some scarcely even qualify as human. Possibly worse, some scarcely qualify as British, or Male, or Gentlemanly. Indeed, some are Women (from the Fallen to the Ennobled), Dwarfs, Actors, Tradesman, Indians, Negros, Circus Folk, Disgraced Officers, Famed Spiritualists, Street Children, and God save us, even the Irish.

Malum Necessarium

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