Character Creation Summary

Steps to character creation:

1. Choose a Concept
2. Answer the five questions.
3. Assign Stats; each starts at 1 and you get 8 more points. No hyperstats at this point.
4. Assign Skills; you have 60 points to spend.
5. Customize your character with an Archetype, powers, or just more mundane abilities; you have 120 points.
6. Assign your Base Will among your Convictions.

Additional steps I (Nick) would like to see:

Let me know who is sponsoring you for membership in the Club, and why. You can select one of the NPCs on the Characters page (although Maeve O’Connel and Lucas Moreland are not yet members themselves) or make up a personality.

Let me know which social class you were prior to joining the club, and which class you are after.

Do you have a mentor? This can be the same person who sponsored you, or someone else; it’s also optional.

Who is your nemesis? This is the person that you must stop at all costs. You probably don’t want to kill them, but if there was a Phantom Zone you might throw them in.

Who is your rival? This can be a fellow Club member or someone from your past. This isn’t someone who wishes you harm (or vice versa) but someone that you need to outdo at something.

Do you have a love interest? This is also optional, but recommended.

Are you planning on playing this character for the entire campaign, or replacing it during the middle or late era? If you’re not sure at this point, that’s fine.

Character Creation Summary

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