Lighting Pistol, mk 1

weapon (ranged)

Focus Flaws: Accessible –1, Focus –1, Immutable –1, Operational Focus +0
Total Focus Modifier: –3

Voltaic Blast 2hd (1 per die; 4 Points)

Attacks (electricity)

Attack Extras: Daze +1, Electrocuting +1
Attack Flaws: Focus –3
Effect: Two Shock and Killing to the head; if this inflicts any damage it travels through the torso and out one leg, inflicting the same damage, and the target takes a -2 penalty to his dice pool next round.
Capacity: Range (20 yards).


Discovered in the hands of some ruffians; the only recovered device exploded when Cliff tried to examine it.

Lighting Pistol, mk 1

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