William Brooks

Victorian Powerhouse!


Body: 3+7
Coordination: 2+2
Sense: 2+1
Mind: 3
Charm: 2+2
Command: 2+2
Points: 80

Yeoman Farmer (Minus the Farm): (B/F) 1
Struggling Actor on London’s Stage: (B/F/I) 3
Legend Among London’s Poor: (I) Command 2
Action Ace: (B/F) 4
Kerberan: (I) Command 1
Intimidate: Command 3
On the Move: (B) (If/Then (no red sun) -1, Hyperskill -1, Booster 7) Body 1
Might!: (B) (If/Then (no red sun) -1, Hyperskill -1, Booster 3) Body 1
Unspent Points: 13
Total: 60

Archetype: Man from the Future!
Source: Extraterrestrial
Permission: Theme (Classic Superman) 5
Intrinsic: Lethal Allergy (Uranium-238) -2

Invulnerable! 2HD
D Heavy Armor (Interference +3, Permanent +4, Always On -1, If/Then (No red sun) -1)
D Light Armor (Armored Defense -2, Hardened Defense +2,Permanent +4, Always On -1, If/Then (No red sun) -1)
U Immunity: Everything (Permanent +4, Always On -1, Self Only -3, If/Then (only for Variable Effect) -1, If/Then (Variable Effect is only for Immunities) -1, Variable Effect +4, If/Then (No red sun) -1)
Cost: 60

Hyper-Body 7D
(No Physics +1,Hyperstat -1, If/Then (no red sun) -1)
(No Physics +1, If/Then (no red sun) -1)
Cost: 28

Hyper-Stats 7D
(Hyperstat -1, If/Then (no red sun) -1)
Cost: 21

Super Senses 2WD
U Super Senses: (If/Then (no red sun) -1, Self-Only -3, Variable Effect 4, If/Then (only for Variable Effect) -1, If/Then (vision/hearing powers only) -1, Subtle 1)
A Heat Vision: (If/Then (no red sun) -1, Self-Only -3, Variable Effect 4, If/Then (only for Variable Effect) -1, If/Then (Heat vision only) -1, Obvious -1, Duration 2)
Cost: 20
Common arrangements of this are here.

Defend the Defenseless 5
Protect my Secret Identity 2
Hates Perversions of Science 1




William Brooks’s Five Questions

Sponsor: Probably the Lady Mirabel. They have a lot in common. Though she is more knife happy than he is.

Mentor: Not being the opium and whores type, William is typically standoffish and rarely at the club. However, he does consult with the less amoral members, such as the Night Hag, when he runs into a particularly perplexing problem.

Nemesis: They haven’t come into contact yet, but William and The Turk will fight a brutal Cold War throughout the century. He will not be happy when The Turk joins the club. William isn’t exactly thrilled by the disastrous Challenge of Captain Gryphon in the tail end of the century, either.


Love Interest: Between Lady Mirabel, the Irish actress Anne Brennan (stage name: Minerva Adams) who has been working with William on stage, and that reporter from the Morning Star asking around about his nighttime activities, Mr. Brooks has a paralyzingly confusing suite of love interestes. And that’s assuming Margaret doesn’t visit London.

Names: William was given a name by his birth parents, Tor’col Orn. He has been called “Spring-Heeled Jack” by people who have seen him jumping across London.

William Brooks

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