Cliff Harvey


(Standard | Robot stats)
Body: 3|10
Coordination: 10|1
Sense: 3
Mind: 5|4
Charm: 3|1
Command: 2|5
Points: 86

Kerberos club: 4
Stability: 5
First Aid: 3
Contacts: 3
Machinist / Factory worker: 5
1) Daze, Penetration +3, Spray, Attached(human): 1 dice (5 pts)
2) Radius, Controlled Effect, Engulf, Attached(human): 1 dice (5 pts)
3) Daze, Spray, Burn, Attached(human): 1 dice (4 pts)
4) Subtle, Non-physical, interference, Attached(human): 1 dice. (6 pts)
Total: 73

Archetype: Mechanomancer
Source: Psi
Permission: Theme (Mechanomancer) 5

(firearms above are part of points used for powers)

Alternate Robot Form: Useful, Duration, Self Only. 1pt, 2HD (4 pts)

Regeneration: 5, -2 attached robot, -1 obvious, -1 acts last, 1pt. 2HD (4 pts)

Multiple Actions: 2, +1 endless, -2 if/then firearms, 1pt. 3 HD (6 pts)

Light Armor: 3, -2 attached human, 1pt. 3HD (6 pts)

Heavy Armor: 6, -2 attached robot, 4 pts. 2HD (16 pts)

Minions: 4, -2 attached human, 2 pts. 2HD + 8 normal. (24 pts)

Talk To Machines (useful): 2, +2 Radius, -2 Attached(human), 2 pts. 2 HD (8 pts)

Control Machines (useful): 2, +2 Radius, -2 Attached(human), 2 pts. 9 dice (18 pts)

Justice: 4
Protect Allies: 1

Justice: 3
Robotic Law Scroll: 3



Rival: Lenard Elbert was Cliff’s boss back in America before he left to join the Kerberos club. The only reason that Cliff even knows the club exists was because Lenard slipped up when he was talking to Cliff about how he was invited to join a high society in London.
Lenard was a lying, cheating ass of a boss who would constantly cheat his workers out of pay and fire them if they spoke to anyone about it. He also seemed to develop almost a super natural ability to influence the weaker willed of those around him into doing exactly what he wished.
The day before he left the factory, Cliff confronted him in front of the workers after Lenard refused to pay a fellow worker his entire wage because he was “not working hard enough”. During the confrontation, Lenard became enraged and Cliff was sent several feet backwards into some machinery by an unknown force. No one was really quite sure what happened, but Cliff thought that maybe that society he joined wasn’t just a high club for assholes. Maybe it also housed people with unique powers, like himself.

Love Interest: Dorothy Hughes was Cliff’s sweetheart back in America, he never quite got the courage to ask her out though. He maintains contact through mail and tries to visit her, but it’s a bit hard begin that he’s in London now. He one day dreams of finally getting the courage to ask her out and to have the money to bring her over and they can spend their lives together. Right now just continues to send her letters, telling of his exploits and trials and what he’s been up to. He changes the names of people and the details a bit so that if the letters get intercepted for some reason that they can’t come back to harm him or her, but that’s just his general paranoia at work.

William Brooks’s Five Questions

Sponsor: Archibald Monroe, after Cliff started poking around London trying to find out more about the Kerberos club, Archibald contacted him and started asking some vague questions that lead to Cliff demonstrating his abilities. Eventually he invites him in, seeing him as a useful counterpart to his own studies.

Mentor: Cliff doesn’t have a mentor that taught him everything he knows, but he does tend to be very respectful and attentive to those he admits have far more knowledge and experience than himself.

Nemesis: Boris Mandrake and Cliff have not yet met. Boris despises technology and believes that all people should rely on their own bodies to get what they want, not machines. Boris is stronger and faster than any other human alive (except maybe Dan). He often times goes around, making bets with those who do not know him that he can best someone or their machines with his bare hands or with the simplest of tools.
I expect, in the future, Boris will see Cliff transform into his robot form and instantly detest him and want to destroy him for being such an abomination for everything he stands for. He will likely start off the meeting by doing a test of strength, and then proceed to introduce more dangerous tests that he will force Cliff into.

Cliff Harvey

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