Aloysius Magellan Wayne

Fairie Boy


Body: 2

Coordination: 2

Sense: 3

Mind: 2

Charm: 2

Command: 3

Base Will: 5

Willpower: 5

2000 Years of Fairie (B/F) 5 (15 pts)
Awareness (B) Sense 3 (6 pts)
Navigator Training (B) Mind 4 (8 pts)
Athletics (B) Body 2 (4 pts)
Deceive (B) Charm 3 (6 pts)
Stability (-) Command 3 (3 pts)
Dodge (-) Coordination 3 (3 pts)
Grew Up on a Pirate Ship (B/F) 3 (9 pts)
Kerberan (I) 1 (2 pts)
Fairie Friend (I) 2 (4 pts)
60 pts

Archetype: Fairie
Source: Otherworldly
Permission: Super
Intrinsics: Curse of Conviction, Matter Over Mind, Oathbound, Mutable, Required Power


Fairie Glamour 3 + 1W (56 pts)
The Fae may attack and defend with frightening and grotesque illusions which—so long as the victim fails to recognize them as unreal (with an opposed Sense + Skill roll)—inflict very real wounds, injuries which are unaffected by any normal physical defense. The faerie can also raise illusory disguises, changing their appearance for a time, and they can create wild or prosaic illusions to confuse mortal senses.
Qualitiy: Attacks (deadly phantasms)
Attacks Extras: Non-Physical +2
Attacks Flaws: No Physical Change –1
Effect: Width in Shock and Killing damage. This attack ignores physical armor but may be resisted with a Sense roll. Capacity: Range (20 yards).
Quality: Defends (distracting illusions)
Defends Flaws: No Physical Change –1
Effect: Serves as a standard defense roll. Capacity: Self.
Quality: Useful (illusory disguises) +2
Capacity: Touch.
Useful Extras: Duration +2
Useful Flaws: If/Then (dispelled by the touch of iron) –1, No Physical Change –1, Touch Only –2
Effect: The faerie can quite convincingly change its appearance or that of someone or something it touches.
Useful (create illusions)
Useful Extras: Duration +2
Useful Flaws: If/Then (dispelled by the touch of iron) –1, No Physical Change –1
Effect: Whatever illusory sensations the faerie wishes to conjure. Capacity: Range (20 yards).

Teleportation 4 + 1W (16 pts)
Quality: Useful (2 pts)
Capacity: Range, Mass (2 pts)
Extras: Booster 7 (7), High Capacity (Mass) (1)
Flaws: If/Then must touch one target and all targets must be touching (hold hands) (-1), If/Then destination seen or known (-1), fragile (-1), slow (-2), go last (-1), mental strain (-2), direct feed (-2)
Effect: Can teleport himself and any targets linked by touch. This can be the mass of a skyscraper up to 40 yards or 800 lbs to the moon. It is difficult to teleport outside of the Fairie realm. This power can be interrupted, goes last in a round, causes mental strain and costs willpower as well as needing a round to recover between attempts.

Healing: 8 (8 pts)
Useful: (2 pts)
Capacity: Touch
Extras: Engulf (+2)
Flaws: Touch Only (-2), Go Last (-1)
Effect: Heals width in shock and killing from all hit locations.

Dolorous Dancing Daggers: 9 (36 pts)
Quality: Attacks (2 pts)
Capacity: Range
Attacks Extras: Duration (2), Spray (1), Daze (1), Controlled Effect (1), Radius (2)
Attacks Flaws: If/Then thrown (-1), Scattered Damage (-1), Slow (-2), Reduced Capacities (-1), Obvious (bright sparkling and loud knife sharpening sounds) (-1)
The dagger appears in his hand from the fairie realm. Upon throwing it, the dagger splits into many more daggers that grind against each other and circle and stab at their target dazing and damaging them. The duration extra means they attack each round until he stops them. At that point they spend a round teleporting back to the fairie realm to be ready again from the slow flaw.
Quality: Useful (2 pts)
Capacities: Touch
Useful Extras: Subtle (
1), No Physics (+1)
Useful Flaws: Touch Only (-2), If/Then turn dagger in lock (-1)
Effect: The dagger can be stabbed into any keyhole and turned to unlock any key lock. The subtle extra makes it seem like the lock was opened with the key.

Slow to Physically Age: 2H (4 pts)
Qualities: Useful
Capacities: Self
Effect: Aloysius body ages at 1/10th the normal rate due to the fairy magic accumulated in his body.

120 pts

Childish Vengeance: 1

Collector of Mysteries: 2


Humble Beginnings.
Aloysius grew up on a pirate ship, trained by his father, the captain, to read maps and charts. He became fascinated by far-away people and places. Instead of becoming the ship’s navigator, he was traded away to fairies for 2000 years in exchange for a magical sextant.

Follies of Youth.
There were always interesting and forbidden things to see on the ship. Aloysius often got in trouble for sneaking into places and seeing things he shouldn’t. He was never deterred, however. On the day his father was negotiating with fairies he sneaked into his father’s cabin and accidentally spilled rum across the desk, destroying some charts. At this loss of two valuable things, his father was so angry he might have been keel hauled. Instead he was traded away to the fairies.

First Awakenings.
Aloysius spent 2000 years in the fairy realm. He saw and learned all kinds of Strangeness. His body did not age, and absorbed quite a bit of fairy magic. He has the body of a 12 year old and maturity of a 13 year old but the knowledge and experience of someone much older. Most of his experience is hard to remember, like a dream. Sometimes he can force himself to remember something significant. Sometimes remembering has consequences. Now that he is back on Earth, his body is aging extremely slowly, but his mental/emotional maturity is growing at the normal rate.

Mysterious Origins.
When Aloysius returned to Earth he learned that most of his magic works differently. Things that would be real in the Fairy realm are merely illusions. Teleportation is difficult. Healing is unreliable. Still, he possesses more power than a human, even if it is not as much as a fairy. It has been a year since his return and he spends most of his time passing himself off as an adult in illusory disguise. Enough time has passed for him to remember how things work on Earth. He has also reunited with his family in the form of his great-great-great-great-whatever niece. He is still very curious and wants in the Kerberos Club to be close to Strange and unusual things. He is attempting to create the world’s greatest Cabinet of Curiosities. He stores his finds in his room at the Club.

Great Failing.
Shortly after Aloysius returned to Earth he was conned out of all of the magical presents that he fairies had given him. All but his Dolorous Dancing Dagger which can’t be taken away from him. He has since remembered how Earth societies work, but is still angry about the loss. He has sworn an oath to get back each of his fairy possessions.

Mister Leon is sponsoring Aloysius into the Club. Being a fairy, he saw through Aloysius’s disguise and realized he was too young to join the club. However, he believed enough of Aloysius’s story to realize he was older than he looks. He is sponsoring Aloysius mostly because he finds Aloysius fascinating.

Aloysius was probably underclass on a pirate ship. In the year since he has been back, he has worked his way up to working class. He hopes joining the Club will allow him into some strata of the Middle class. He wants to make it into the upper class. He may swear an oath to do that.

Aloysius views Mister Leon as a mentor, though he may not feel the same way about himself. Aloysius also views his great-great-great-great-whatever niece as a mentor of sorts.

Aloysius’s nemesis is the man who stole his fairy legacy and is using it to commit crimes. He has sworn an oath to recover them, and the man will pay.

Aloysius attempts to outdo his great-great-great-great-grand niece when he can. It is like a sibling rivalry. He also attempts to show off to everyone in the Club, such is the way of the 13-year-old.

Aloysius does not have a love interest. It is difficult to find love with a 2000 year old mind and 12 year old body. He is now of the age of maturity (13) where girls (boobs) are often on his mind, especially since now girls (boobs) of his own species are around. Glamour disguises can get him access to the sorts of places that most young boys could only dream of.

I plan to play Aloysius through the entire campaign. His body ages about one year for every ten.

Aloysius Magellan Wayne

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