Alice Wayne


Archetype: Fortunate Family (1 pt), Wonderful toys (0 pt)
Source: Otherworldly, Power Focus
Permissions: One Power, Super-Equipment

Stats (90 pts)
Body 2
Coordination 4
Sense 5
Mind 3
Charm 2
Command 2

Base Will 4
Willpower 4 + 22 in battery

Insatiable Curiosity 3
Noble Ideals 1

Skills (130 pts)
Kerberan //I 3 (6 pts, Command)
Hatueton B/F/I 5 (20 pts) “rich, Well born: Fashionable”
Swashbuckler of the 7 seas B/F/I 5 (20 pts)
Educated by Surprisingly Permissive Parents B/F/I 5 (20 pts) “world scholar”
Aces B/F/I + Augment 4+1wd (64 pts)

Amulet (29 pts)
Healing (U, Self Only -3, Endless +3, Focus -1, Engulf +2, Goes Last -1) (2/die) 2 HD (8 pts)
Willpower Battery (U, Self Only -3, Endless +3, Focus -1, Operation Skill (Meditation) +0) (1/die) 21 (21 pts)


If you do not take George Byron as a rival you will make Nick very, very sad.
Don’t Run

“Don’t run,” Nana scolded as Alice sprinted down the stairs. “Tis’nt ladylike.”

Maman was finally back from her trip to the continent. Alice missed her dreadfully whenever she was away. Maman never made her wear the stiff pinafore she hated, and let her “run wild like a billy goat”, and went camping under the stars with her. And she was sure to have brought home exotic sweets.

She ignored her minder and was swept up into her mother’s arms.

“It’s all right, Aiofe,” Maman said as she kissed Alice’s cheeks half a dozen times. “There is a time and place to be a Lady and time enough for my little bird to learn them.”

“Don’t run,” Mr. James, Daddy’s First Mate, yelled,“Deck’s slipperier than an oiled eel! Ye need to get below deck, lassie. Storm’s pickin’ up and yer da wont be thankin’ me if yer swept overboard.”

Alice laughed and kept running until she reached Daddy at the wheel.

“Let me help!” she shouted over the wind. He laughed with her as she started to tie herself to the wheel with nimble fingers.

“Don’t Run,” the ruffian called after her.

Alice hitched her ragged skirts up and headed for the nearest alleyway. If only her parents could see her now: dirt marred her face and her gown showed more than was decent; she barely kept apace of the brute as she twisted and turned deeper into the Dials. Luck was against her. Again. She should have gone down to the docks instead.

She skidded to a stop at a dead end and turned to face her pursuer. He slowed and approached her slowly, and then started as a tall man jumped over the wall and another smaller figure stepped out of the shadows.

“Don’t Run,” she said with a predatory smile.

Alice Wayne

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