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(letter to Dorothy Hughs)

Dear Dorothy,
How have things been since I left? I hope all is well. I have located the club that I spoke of before I left, and things are far… stranger than I would have believed.
And, I have not been entirely honest with you. The people I sought out were people of… unusual talent. The things I have witnessed do not belong in the realm of reality, but often times seem like they are from a far off fantasy.
The reason I sought these people out, in truth, was because I am like them.

Now I don’t expect you to believe me, so I have sent with this letter a token that will help me prove it. Just a small box with a lens and some mechanical bits. It is utterly useless. But for your next letter, you can just look into the lens and speak your mind and I can respond to all you have said. I have the unique ability to speak with machines, and I have instructed the one I have sent you to remember very carefully everything it sees and hears from the women who opens it. Hopefully this will be proof enough for you to believe the next section of my letter.

I met some strange people where I am. A man of stone being the most impressive, he nearly killed me because I was boastful enough to believe I could take a punch from him. I spent many days pouring through their library, learning their customs and rules and learning current events of the area to try and merge myself with the club. This proved to be the most valuable thing I could have done, as the trial to join their club was a debate about the Corn Laws, of which I had not even heard mention before my research.

After that ordeal, there was a robbery in the town that some members of the club helped foil, and they brought me an interesting… gun. It did not fire bullets or pellets like an ordinary gun however, it instead shot lightning like the sky would on a dower day. I was intrigued by such a devise and began to study it immediately.
I ran into a uh… problem, however. When speaking with the devise, I asked it where it got it’s power from because it did not seem to take any sort of fuel to run it. It advised me to simply open up the latch near the bottom of the handle and the source of the power would be right there.

It did not warn me, however, that the source of the power would be free upon opening it.

I’m not entirely sure what happened after that, the lightning that arced from the gun knocked me out and apparently started a fire. It was by gods grace that the man of stone was near by and was able to save me from the blaze before I died. The gun was also destroyed in the fire.

I hope to hear back from you soon, and please do not immediately dismiss what I have said as some opium fueled ramblings of a mad man, at least follow my instructions and give me a chance to prove myself.

Cliff Harvey

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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