Malum Necessarium

Session 3
War of the Mudlarks


William’s troupe is preparing a revival of Rugantino at the behest of an unknown benefactor (any investigation roll reveals it’s the Night Hag); the first male lead cast fell down a flight of stairs and broke his leg, the second was beaten by robbers while coming home from a house of ill repute, the next left the city with no warning; the troupe is actually down to just William and Jimmy, and Jimmy has (perhaps wisely) vanished before the two could toss a coin for the part. It seems William is playing the lead.

Alice has a new beau; Danny Speak, a young lad with high ambitions.

William Hooker is begging someone at the Club to visit his friend, William Kirby, at Bethlem (pg 92). If the group investigates, they will find that all of them save William have a -5 penalty to all Powers while at the Hospital.

Kirby is obsessed with a young girl named Maeve, who is in reality a child touched by the Fae. She leads a group of young thieves and mudlarks in a criminal organization. One of them is the thief that absconded with Aloysius’ belongings when he first came through. She employs any child that she can, but has a close group of those she considers “special”. These include:

Eddie Gunnam, the stickman: carries a walking stick with Aces
Lillie McGurty, the Spieler: can dance on air
Dead George Pellam, an erudite zombie

The mudlarks are under attack by the criminal denizens of London, who have decided that Maeve has gathered too much power. To that end, they have hired the protection of the former underground boxer Timmy Two-Stone, now Ten-Ton Timmy (after ingesting Dr. Simm’s remarkable formula) to smash up Maeve’s group and scare the mudlarks out of town. A battle ensues! Several Criminals, armed with some of Dr. Gorilla-Brain’s lightning pistols (he’s been wanting to get his improved model into circulation, and this is as good a time as any) assist him, a fire breaks out, and of course there’s the Riot rolls.

Session 1
The Trials (1837)

Cliff Harvey traveled to London to meet with the famed Kerberos Club. He was met by many strange people, among them Dr. Archibald Monroe (who had extended an invitation to the Club). Cliff demonstrated his powers to the onlookers, who were impressed but not astonished. Cliff was somewhat overconfident; he attempted to face off against “Stony” Joseph Smithson and was promptly knocked unconscious. The decision of the Club was the Cliff should be allowed to remain as a guest, in order to gauge his full potential.

Another member, Mister Leon, quickly excused himself and escorted himself to another part of town, where Aloysius Magellan Wayne was returning from his trip in Faerie. Leon escorted the lad through some of the seedier parts of town and brought him to meet his relative Alice Wayne. She had been attacked by a scoundrel who could leap higher than treetops but managed to escape after she proved more than capable of fighting him off.

Investigating the rogue, dubbed Spring-heeled Jack by the press, Alice met with William Brooks and The Lady Mirabel, Countess of La Lamina, who accused William of being Jack. William attempted to explain his innocence without revealing too much to his acting companions, Minerva Adams and Jimmy Sims. Eventually Jimmy was able to convince Lady Mirabel that William was not the man she was looking for, but she continued to keep an eye on him all the same.

Alice, Jimmy, and Aloysius began seeking Jack out, hoping to confront him. They laid several traps but were unable to lure him, though they did learn that they were not the only ones attempting to do so: Maxine Eveans, the reporter who coined the name, was also trying to find Jack, to interview him.

After a particularly rousing encounter with some pickpockets, the trio encountered a group of ruffians wielding some type of “lightning-pistol”. While it proved no match for William’s resistance or Alice’s quick reflexes, it was still disconcerting to see such items in the hands of common thugs. Who could be providing them? Perhaps someone at the Club might know… someone who claims to “talk to machines”…

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